Online Supplementary Materials

Name Size Description
disease_interact_gene12.csv.gz 6,298 Dataset of 358 cancer fusions of 337 genes from Mitelman et al (training set)
breakpoint_chimeras_427-part-FNL.xls 20,992 Breakpoints collection of ChiTaRS-2.1 (test set)
CosmicMutantExportCensus.gz 14,544,238 COSMIC dataset of all point mutations in human genes in cancer
150107-fusion-2-COSMIC_desc-correl.ods 13,312
150108-COSMIC_separeted_mutations.xls 186,368
cbioportal_fusion.csv 2665 CbioPortal results on patient cases where mutations are found in their cancer-associated mutated genes 38,892,477 BioGrid dataset of PPI having 16,102 proteins and 218,979 interactions
ggint.dump.gz 3,974,054 Interaction score results between two proteins
p2p_interactions.gz 281,956,131 Proteome-wide database of interactions between discreet protein domains
ddint.dump.gz 4,931,737 Domain-domain co-occurrence table
protdomain.dump.gz 424,388 Protein domain determination results from Pfam, ELM, UniProt, CDD, SMART, Negatome, Prosite, Interpro, PRINTS, Superfamily, PIRSF
0128-real-random-pair_interactors.txt.gz 818,034 Randomly selected real PPI-pathway interactors
0128-random-pair_interactors.txt.gz 884,484 Randomly selected non-interactors
interactors_appeared_in_translocations-full.xls 1,579,008 A number of gene occurrences in different biological pathways and frequency of mutations
Threshold_values_PPI.xls 8,192 Threshold values for PPI networks of fusions
clustering-betweenness_domains.txt.gz 36,618 Clustering coefficient, betweenness centrality for PPIs found in normal, random and unified networks of two parental proteins of fusions
8-results_427.gz 12,202 Chimera ID, genes, nodes, edges, missing interactors
chimeras_nosequence_NO-interactors.txt 36,518 Results of fusions incorporating parental proteins which are interactors, change their PPI networks and reduce the number of interactors in the fusion networks with respect to networks of parental proteins
appearence_domain_in_interactors.gz 70,522 Domain pairs, number of appearances and their frequencies