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Statistics and Network structure information

Statistic of PPI Value(s)
The number of interactors (fusion and proteins)299
The number (and %) of the onco-proteins55 (18.39 %)
The number (and %) of the tumor suppressors30 (10.03 %)
Total number of binary PPIs (saturation %)8043 (18.05 %)
The number (and %) of affected PPIs392 (4.87 %)
The number of possible different fusions42
PPI diameter3
PPI radius2
The average degree of PPI53.391
Assortativity coefficient-0.0669
The network average Clustering coefficient0.581
The number (and %) of a zero Clustering coefficients7 (2.34 %)
The number (and %) of a zero Betweenness Centrality16 (5.35 %)


List of the fusions

Proteins found in more fusions DCAF1 (see 1 fusions); WHSC1 (see 1 fusions); VHL (see 1 fusions); MSH2 (see 1 fusions);