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Statistics and Network structure information

Statistic of PPI Value(s)
The number of interactors (fusion and proteins)27
The number (and %) of the onco-proteins10 (37.04 %)
The number (and %) of the tumor suppressors1 (3.70 %)
Total number of binary PPIs (saturation %)106 (30.20 %)
The number (and %) of affected PPIs27 (25.47 %)
The number of possible different fusions7
PPI diameter2
PPI radius1
The average degree of PPI7.111
Assortativity coefficient-0.2794
The network average Clustering coefficient0.667
The number (and %) of a zero Clustering coefficients2 (7.41 %)
The number (and %) of a zero Betweenness Centrality8 (29.63 %)


List of the fusions

PPI for parental proteins: GSS All fusions
: AW894712;
Proteins found in more fusions VCL (see 2 fusions); ECHS1 (see 1 fusions); YWHAH (see 2 fusions); YWHAG (see 1 fusions); GSS (see 1 fusions); CDK9 (see 2 fusions);

List of active interactors

# Name Type Number of PPI (degree) Clustering
Domains (Pfam, InterPro, SMART): description
1 GSSparental protein270.215363.217GSH_synth_ATP (PF03917, IPR005615): Eukaryotic glutathione synthase, ATP binding domain
2 ABHD14Ainteractor60.8670.833Abhydrolase_1 (PF00561, IPR000073): alpha/beta hydrolase fold
Abhydrolase_6 (PF12697, IPR000073): Alpha/beta hydrolase family
3 ASNSoncoprotein100.55614.800Asn_synthase (PF00733, IPR001962): Asparagine synthase
GATase_7 (PF13537, IPR000583): Glutamine amidotransferase domain
4 ASS1suppressor40.6670.667Arginosuc_synth (PF00764, IPR001518): Arginosuccinate synthase
5 CDK9protein found in more fusions31.0000Pkinase (PF00069, IPR000719): Protein kinase domain
6 DCPSinteractor80.7862.467DcpS (PF05652, IPR008594): Scavenger mRNA decapping enzyme (DcpS) N-terminal
DcpS_C (PF11969): Scavenger mRNA decapping enzyme C-term binding
7 ECHS1protein found in more fusions80.7143.467ECH_1 (PF00378, IPR001753): Enoyl-CoA hydratase/isomerase
8 GBE1interactor100Alpha-amylase (PF00128, IPR006047): Alpha amylase, catalytic domain
CBM_48 (PF02922, IPR004193): Carbohydrate-binding module 48 (Isoamylase N-terminal domain)
Alpha-amylase_C (PF02806, IPR006048, SM00632): Alpha amylase, C-terminal all-beta domain
9 GINS3interactor90.7503.517Sld5 (PF05916, IPR021151): GINS complex protein
10 HMGB3interactor31.0000HMG_box_2 (PF09011, IPR009071): HMG-box domain
Ribosomal_60s (PF00428, IPR001813): 60s Acidic ribosomal protein
HMG_box (PF00505, IPR009071, SM00398): HMG (high mobility group) box
11 MSNoncoprotein100.6398.250DUF883 (PF05957, IPR010279): Bacterial protein of unknown function (DUF883)
ERM (PF00769, IPR011259): Ezrin/radixin/moesin family
FERM_C (PF09380, IPR018980): FERM C-terminal PH-like domain
FERM_M (PF00373, IPR019748): FERM central domain
FERM_N (PF09379, IPR018979): FERM N-terminal domain
12 MVKinteractor31.0000GHMP_kinases_C (PF08544, IPR013750): GHMP kinases C terminal
GHMP_kinases_N (PF00288, IPR006204): GHMP kinases N terminal domain
GalKase_gal_bdg (PF10509, IPR019539): Galactokinase galactose-binding signature
13 OLA1interactor31.0000Roc (PF08477, IPR013684): Ras of Complex, Roc, domain of DAPkinase
MMR_HSR1 (PF01926, IPR006073): 50S ribosome-binding GTPase
YchF-GTPase_C (PF06071, IPR013029): Protein of unknown function (DUF933)
14 PAFAH1B2oncoprotein100.53313.300Lipase_GDSL_2 (PF13472, IPR013830): GDSL-like Lipase/Acylhydrolase family
15 PDIA4interactor100.62210.517Calsequestrin (PF01216, IPR001393): Calsequestrin
Thioredoxin (PF00085, IPR013766): Thioredoxin
Thioredoxin_6 (PF13848): Thioredoxin-like domain
FAM176 (PF14851): FAM176 family
16 PPP5Cinteractor70.8101.450Metallophos (PF00149, IPR004843): Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase
PPP5 (PF08321, IPR013235): PPP5 TPR repeat region
TPR_1 (PF00515, IPR001440): Tetratricopeptide repeat
TPR_17 (PF13431): Tetratricopeptide repeat
17 RAP1GDS1oncoprotein140.49530.117Arm (PF00514, IPR000225, SM00185): Armadillo/beta-catenin-like repeat
WAPL (PF07814, IPR022771): Wings apart-like protein regulation of heterochromatin
Vps39_1 (PF10366, IPR019452): Vacuolar sorting protein 39 domain 1
V-ATPase_H_C (PF11698, IPR011987): V-ATPase subunit H
HEAT_2 (PF13646): HEAT repeats
Nitr_red_bet_C (PF14711, IPR029263): Respiratory nitrate reductase beta C-terminal
SIL1 (PF16782, IPR031884): Nucleotide exchange factor SIL1
18 RRAGBinteractor21.0000Gtr1_RagA (PF04670, IPR006762): Gtr1/RagA G protein conserved region
19 TBCBinteractor60.9330.400CAP_GLY (PF01302, IPR000938, SM01052): CAP-Gly domain
Ubiquitin_2 (PF14560, IPR027933): Ubiquitin-like domain
20 TERF1interactor70.3339.167TRF (PF08558, IPR013867): Telomere repeat binding factor (TRF)
Myb_DNA-binding (PF00249, IPR001005, SM00717): Myb-like DNA-binding domain
21 USP14interactor31.0000UCH (PF00443, IPR001394): Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase
ubiquitin (PF00240, IPR000626, SM00213): Ubiquitin family
22 VCLoncoprotein140.52622.967Vinculin (PF01044, IPR006077): Vinculin family
23 YWHABinteractor60.6674.40014-3-3 (PF00244, IPR023410, SM00101): 14-3-3 protein
Virulence_fact (PF13769, IPR025989): Virulence factor
24 YWHAEoncoprotein100.6448.41714-3-3 (PF00244, IPR023410, SM00101): 14-3-3 protein
25 YWHAGprotein found in more fusions80.6195.48314-3-3 (PF00244, IPR023410, SM00101): 14-3-3 protein
26 YWHAHprotein found in more fusions90.6436.56714-3-3 (PF00244, IPR023410, SM00101): 14-3-3 protein
27 ZFAND6interactor100zf-A20 (PF01754, IPR002653, SM00259): A20-like zinc finger
zf-AN1 (PF01428, IPR000058, SM00154): AN1-like Zinc finger

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