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Statistics and Network structure information

Statistic of PPI Value(s)
The number of interactors (fusion and proteins)12
The number (and %) of the onco-proteins2 (16.67 %)
The number (and %) of the tumor suppressors0 (0.00 %)
Total number of binary PPIs (saturation %)17 (25.76 %)
The number (and %) of affected PPIs11 (64.71 %)
The number of possible different fusions3
PPI diameter2
PPI radiusinf
The average degree of PPI2.167
Assortativity coefficient-0.6175
The network average Clustering coefficient0.422
The number (and %) of a zero Clustering coefficients5 (41.67 %)
The number (and %) of a zero Betweenness Centrality9 (75.00 %)


List of the fusions

PPI for parental proteins: GGT7,SPEG All fusions
Proteins found in more fusions APP (see 4 fusions); MYC (see 1 fusions);

List of active interactors

# Name Type Number of PPI (degree) Clustering
Domains (Pfam, InterPro, SMART): description
1 GGT7parental protein70.06728.000G_glu_transpept (PF01019, IPR000101): Gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase
2 SPEGparental protein40.3337.000fn3 (PF00041, IPR003961, SM00060): Fibronectin type III domain
I-set (PF07679, IPR013098): Immunoglobulin I-set domain
ig (PF00047, IPR013151, SM00409): Immunoglobulin domain
Pheromone (PF08015, IPR012597): Fungal mating-type pheromone
Pkinase (PF00069, IPR000719): Protein kinase domain
DUF2360 (PF10152, IPR019309): Predicted coiled-coil domain-containing protein (DUF2360)
NikM (PF10670, IPR019613): Domain of unknown function (DUF4198)
SPEG_u2 (PF16650): Unstructured region on SPEG complex protein
3 APPprotein found in more fusions31.0000APP_N (PF02177, IPR015849, SM00006): Amyloid A4 N-terminal heparin-binding
Beta-APP (PF03494, IPR013803): Beta-amyloid peptide (beta-APP)
BUD22 (PF09073, IPR015158): BUD22
IncA (PF04156, IPR007285): IncA protein
Kunitz_BPTI (PF00014, IPR002223, SM00131): Kunitz/Bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor domain
APP_amyloid (PF10515, IPR019543): beta-amyloid precursor protein C-terminus
APP_Cu_bd (PF12924, IPR011178): Copper-binding of amyloid precursor, CuBD
APP_E2 (PF12925, IPR024329): E2 domain of amyloid precursor protein
4 DCP2interactor21.0000DCP2 (PF05026, IPR007722, SM01125): Dcp2, box A domain
NUDIX (PF00293, IPR000086): NUDIX domain
5 FAM96Binteractor21.0000DUF59 (PF01883, IPR002744): Domain of unknown function DUF59
6 GPR25interactor1007tm_1 (PF00001, IPR000276): 7 transmembrane receptor (rhodopsin family)
7 LHFPL5interactor100L_HMGIC_fpl (PF10242, IPR019372): Lipoma HMGIC fusion partner-like protein
8 MALLinteractor100MARVEL (PF01284, IPR008253): Membrane-associating domain
PsbM (PF05151, IPR007826): Photosystem II reaction centre M protein (PsbM)
9 MYConcoprotein40.6671.000HLH (PF00010, IPR011598, SM00353): Helix-loop-helix DNA-binding domain
Myc-LZ (PF02344, IPR003327): Myc leucine zipper domain
Myc_N (PF01056, IPR012682): Myc amino-terminal region
10 PRMT1interactor200Methyltransf_25 (PF13649): Methyltransferase domain
11 TMEM242interactor100DUF1358 (PF07096, IPR009792): Protein of unknown function (DUF1358)
TAT_signal (PF10518, IPR019546): TAT (twin-arginine translocation) pathway signal sequence
12 YWHAQinteractor21.000014-3-3 (PF00244, IPR023410, SM00101): 14-3-3 protein

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