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Statistics and Network structure information

Statistic of PPI Value(s)
The number of interactors (fusion and proteins)14
The number (and %) of the onco-proteins6 (42.86 %)
The number (and %) of the tumor suppressors4 (28.57 %)
Total number of binary PPIs (saturation %)20 (21.98 %)
The number (and %) of affected PPIs12 (60.00 %)
The number of possible different fusions3
PPI diameter2
PPI radiusinf
The average degree of PPI2.143
Assortativity coefficient-0.4226
The network average Clustering coefficient0.241
The number (and %) of a zero Clustering coefficients9 (64.29 %)
The number (and %) of a zero Betweenness Centrality11 (78.57 %)


List of the fusions

PPI for parental proteins: ADAM17,LOC105371310 All fusions
Proteins found in more fusions TNFRSF1A (see 3 fusions); MAPK1 (see 2 fusions);

List of active interactors

# Name Type Number of PPI (degree) Clustering
Domains (Pfam, InterPro, SMART): description
1 ADAM17parental protein120.045124.000Pep_M12B_propep (PF01562, IPR002870): Reprolysin family propeptide
Reprolysin (PF01421, IPR001590): Reprolysin (M12B) family zinc metalloprotease
Disintegrin (PF00200, IPR001762, SM00050): Disintegrin
Reprolysin_5 (PF13688): Metallo-peptidase family M12
ADAM17_MPD (PF16698, IPR032029): Membrane-proximal domain, switch, for ADAM17
2 LOC105371310interactor000NA
3 DLG1suppressor100L27_1 (PF09058, IPR015143): L27_1
PDZ (PF00595, IPR001478, SM00228): PDZ domain (Also known as DHR or GLGF)
SH3_2 (PF07653, IPR011511): Variant SH3 domain
KOG2701 (PF09762, IPR019159): Coiled-coil domain-containing protein (DUF2037)
MAGUK_N_PEST (PF10608, IPR019590): Polyubiquitination (PEST) N-terminal domain of MAGUK
PDZ_assoc (PF10600, IPR019583): PDZ-associated domain of NMDA receptors
Guanylate_kin (PF00625, IPR008145, SM00072): Guanylate kinase
4 EEDsuppressor200WD40 (PF00400, IPR001680, SM00320): WD domain, G-beta repeat
Nup160 (PF11715, IPR021717): Nucleoporin Nup120/160
ANAPC4_WD40 (PF12894, IPR024977): Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 4 WD40 domain
5 FBXO6interactor100FBA (PF04300, IPR007397): F-box associated region
F-box-like (PF12937, IPR001810): F-box-like
6 MAD2L1oncoprotein200HORMA (PF02301, IPR003511): HORMA domain
7 MAPK1oncoprotein40.6671.000Pkinase (PF00069, IPR000719): Protein kinase domain
8 PDIA3interactor100Thioredoxin (PF00085, IPR013766): Thioredoxin
Thioredoxin_6 (PF13848): Thioredoxin-like domain
9 PTCH1suppressor100Patched (PF02460, IPR003392): Patched family
10 PXNoncoprotein21.0000LIM (PF00412, IPR001781, SM00132): LIM domain
Paxillin (PF03535): Paxillin family
11 TGFAoncoprotein100EGF (PF00008, IPR000742, SM00181): EGF-like domain
Lysis_col (PF02402, IPR003059): Lysis protein
TMEM154 (PF15102, IPR028064): TMEM154 protein family
12 TIMP3suppressor100TIMP (PF00965, IPR001820): Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase
13 TNFRSF1Aoncoprotein40.6671.000Death (PF00531, IPR000488, SM00005): Death domain
TNFR_c6 (PF00020, IPR001368, SM00208): TNFR/NGFR cysteine-rich region
14 TNFRSF1Boncoprotein31.0000TNFR_c6 (PF00020, IPR001368, SM00208): TNFR/NGFR cysteine-rich region

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