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Statistics and Network structure information

Statistic of PPI Value(s)
The number of interactors (fusion and proteins)46
The number (and %) of the onco-proteins12 (26.09 %)
The number (and %) of the tumor suppressors7 (15.22 %)
Total number of binary PPIs (saturation %)132 (12.75 %)
The number (and %) of affected PPIs44 (33.33 %)
The number of possible different fusions9
PPI diameter2
PPI radiusinf
The average degree of PPI4.913
Assortativity coefficient-0.2585
The network average Clustering coefficient0.543
The number (and %) of a zero Clustering coefficients10 (21.74 %)
The number (and %) of a zero Betweenness Centrality21 (45.65 %)


List of the fusions

PPI for parental proteins: RNR2,BCL2L11 All fusions
Proteins found in more fusions APP (see 4 fusions); MCL1 (see 2 fusions); BAG3 (see 4 fusions); SMARCB1 (see 12 fusions); BCL2L1 (see 1 fusions); VHL (see 1 fusions); UBQLN2 (see 2 fusions); RACK1 (see 3 fusions);

List of active interactors

# Name Type Number of PPI (degree) Clustering
Domains (Pfam, InterPro, SMART): description
1 MT-RNR2parental protein100NA
2 BCL2L11parental protein430.0761472.533Bclx_interact (PF08945, IPR015040): Bcl-x interacting, BH3 domain
Bim_N (PF06773, IPR014771): Bim protein N-terminus
3 ANKLE2interactor21.0000Cauli_VI (PF01693, IPR011320): Caulimovirus viroplasmin
LEM (PF03020, IPR003887, SM00540): LEM domain
Ank_2 (PF12796, IPR020683): Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)
Telomere_Sde2_2 (PF13297): Telomere stability C-terminal
4 APPprotein found in more fusions140.20557.167APP_N (PF02177, IPR015849, SM00006): Amyloid A4 N-terminal heparin-binding
Beta-APP (PF03494, IPR013803): Beta-amyloid peptide (beta-APP)
BUD22 (PF09073, IPR015158): BUD22
IncA (PF04156, IPR007285): IncA protein
Kunitz_BPTI (PF00014, IPR002223, SM00131): Kunitz/Bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor domain
APP_amyloid (PF10515, IPR019543): beta-amyloid precursor protein C-terminus
APP_Cu_bd (PF12924, IPR011178): Copper-binding of amyloid precursor, CuBD
APP_E2 (PF12925, IPR024329): E2 domain of amyloid precursor protein
5 ATP2A3interactor21.0000Cation_ATPase_C (PF00689, IPR006068): Cation transporting ATPase, C-terminus
Cation_ATPase_N (PF00690, IPR004014, SM00831): Cation transporter/ATPase, N-terminus
E1-E2_ATPase (PF00122, IPR008250): E1-E2 ATPase
Hydrolase_3 (PF08282, IPR023214): haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase
HAD (PF12710): haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase
Cation_ATPase (PF13246): Cation transport ATPase (P-type)
6 ATP6V1G1interactor21.0000V-ATPase_G (PF03179): Vacuolar (H+)-ATPase G subunit
7 AURKAoncoprotein60.6003.000Pkinase (PF00069, IPR000719): Protein kinase domain
MTBP_C (PF14920, IPR029418): MDM2-binding
8 AURKBinteractor50.6671.333Pkinase (PF00069, IPR000719): Protein kinase domain
9 BAG3oncoprotein90.5717.900BAG (PF02179, IPR003103, SM00264): BAG domain
WW (PF00397, IPR001202, SM00456): WW domain
10 BAXsuppressor120.41825.133Bcl-2 (PF00452, IPR026298): Apoptosis regulator proteins, Bcl-2 family
11 BCL2oncoprotein100.47215.067Bcl-2 (PF00452, IPR026298): Apoptosis regulator proteins, Bcl-2 family
BH4 (PF02180, IPR003093, SM00265): Bcl-2 homology region 4
12 BCL2A1oncoprotein30.6670.400Bcl-2 (PF00452, IPR026298): Apoptosis regulator proteins, Bcl-2 family
13 BCL2L1oncoprotein90.5718.067Bcl-2 (PF00452, IPR026298): Apoptosis regulator proteins, Bcl-2 family
BH4 (PF02180, IPR003093, SM00265): Bcl-2 homology region 4
14 BCL2L2oncoprotein21.0000Bcl-2 (PF00452, IPR026298): Apoptosis regulator proteins, Bcl-2 family
BH4 (PF02180, IPR003093, SM00265): Bcl-2 homology region 4
ABATE (PF07336, IPR010852): Putative stress-induced transcription regulator
15 BTKsuppressor40.6670.667BTK (PF00779, IPR001562, SM00107): BTK motif
PH (PF00169, IPR001849, SM00233): PH domain
Pkinase_Tyr (PF07714, IPR001245): Protein tyrosine kinase
SH2 (PF00017, IPR000980, SM00252): SH2 domain
SH3_1 (PF00018, IPR001452, SM00326): SH3 domain
16 BTRConcoprotein60.5003.500WD40 (PF00400, IPR001680, SM00320): WD domain, G-beta repeat
Beta-TrCP_D (PF12125, IPR021977, SM01028): D domain of beta-TrCP
ANAPC4_WD40 (PF12894, IPR024977): Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 4 WD40 domain
F-box-like (PF12937, IPR001810): F-box-like
17 CD302interactor100UL45 (PF05473, IPR008646): UL45 protein, carbohydrate-binding C-type lectin-like
Lectin_C (PF00059, IPR001304, SM00034): Lectin C-type domain
18 CISHinteractor41.0000SH2 (PF00017, IPR000980, SM00252): SH2 domain
ER-remodelling (PF14755, IPR032786): Intracellular membrane remodeller
SOCS_box (PF07525, IPR001496): SOCS box
19 CUL2suppressor70.5249.167Cullin (PF00888, IPR001373, SM00182): Cullin family
Cullin_Nedd8 (PF10557, IPR019559, SM00884): Cullin protein neddylation domain
20 DYNLL1interactor60.5005.000Dynein_light (PF01221, IPR001372): Dynein light chain type 1
21 DYNLL2interactor31.0000Dynein_light (PF01221, IPR001372): Dynein light chain type 1
22 EDNRAinteractor21.00007tm_1 (PF00001, IPR000276): 7 transmembrane receptor (rhodopsin family)
23 FBXW11interactor70.5335.167WD40 (PF00400, IPR001680, SM00320): WD domain, G-beta repeat
Beta-TrCP_D (PF12125, IPR021977, SM01028): D domain of beta-TrCP
ANAPC4_WD40 (PF12894, IPR024977): Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 4 WD40 domain
F-box-like (PF12937, IPR001810): F-box-like
24 FEM1Cinteractor21.0000Ank_2 (PF12796, IPR020683): Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)
TPR_12 (PF13424): Tetratricopeptide repeat
Ank_5 (PF13857): Ankyrin repeats (many copies)
25 FGL1interactor21.0000Fibrinogen_C (PF00147, IPR002181, SM00186): Fibrinogen beta and gamma chains, C-terminal globular domain
26 FSHRinteractor1007tm_1 (PF00001, IPR000276): 7 transmembrane receptor (rhodopsin family)
LRRNT (PF01462, IPR000372, SM00013): Leucine rich repeat N-terminal domain
GnHR_trans (PF12369, IPR024635): Gonadotropin hormone receptor transmembrane region
LRR_4 (PF12799, IPR025875): Leucine Rich repeats (2 copies)
LRR_5 (PF13306, IPR026906): Leucine rich repeats (6 copies)
LRR_8 (PF13855, IPR001611): Leucine rich repeat
27 GIMAP5interactor50.7001.733AIG1 (PF04548, IPR006703): AIG1 family
KapB (PF08810, IPR014916): Kinase associated protein B
28 GTF2Iinteractor30.6670.667GTF2I (PF02946, IPR004212): GTF2I-like repeat
29 HSPA4interactor70.4769.567Herpes_ICP4_N (PF03584, IPR005206): Herpesvirus ICP4-like protein N-terminal region
HSP70 (PF00012, IPR013126): Hsp70 protein
TP53IP5 (PF15331, IPR029290): Cellular tumour antigen p53-inducible 5
30 KIF22interactor100Kinesin (PF00225, IPR001752, SM00129): Kinesin motor domain
HHH_3 (PF12836): Helix-hairpin-helix motif
31 MAGEA11interactor200MAGE (PF01454, IPR002190): MAGE family
MAGE_N (PF12440, IPR021072): Melanoma associated antigen family N terminal
32 MAPK8oncoprotein50.6671.333DUF530 (PF04409, IPR007503): Protein of unknown function (DUF530)
Pkinase (PF00069, IPR000719): Protein kinase domain
33 MCL1oncoprotein90.50011.733Bcl-2 (PF00452, IPR026298): Apoptosis regulator proteins, Bcl-2 family
34 MTHFRoncoprotein100MTHFR (PF02219, IPR003171): Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase
MPDZ_u10 (PF16667, IPR032078): Unstructured region 10 on multiple PDZ protein
35 NDRG1suppressor30.6670.667Ndr (PF03096, IPR004142): Ndr family
36 RACK1suppressor90.42915.000WD40 (PF00400, IPR001680, SM00320): WD domain, G-beta repeat
ANAPC4_WD40 (PF12894, IPR024977): Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 4 WD40 domain
37 RHPN2interactor100BRO1 (PF03097, IPR004328, SM01041): BRO1-like domain
HR1 (PF02185, IPR011072, SM00742): Hr1 repeat
PDZ (PF00595, IPR001478, SM00228): PDZ domain (Also known as DHR or GLGF)
38 RIOK3interactor21.0000RIO1 (PF01163, IPR018934): RIO1 family
39 SMARCB1suppressor31.0000SNF5 (PF04855, IPR006939): SNF5 / SMARCB1 / INI1
40 TCEB2interactor50.9000.500ubiquitin (PF00240, IPR000626, SM00213): Ubiquitin family
41 TRIM2interactor100Filamin (PF00630, IPR017868): Filamin/ABP280 repeat
NHL (PF01436, IPR001258): NHL repeat
zf-B_box (PF00643, IPR000315, SM00336): B-box zinc finger
ALMT (PF11744, IPR020966): Aluminium activated malate transporter
zf-RING_UBOX (PF13445, IPR027370): RING-type zinc-finger
VCBS (PF13517): Repeat domain in Vibrio, Colwellia, Bradyrhizobium and Shewanella
Caskin-tail (PF16632, IPR032117): C-terminal region of Caskin
DUF5128 (PF17170): 6-bladed beta-propeller
42 UBQLN2protein found in more fusions200Clathrin-link (PF09268, IPR015348): Clathrin, heavy-chain linker
Collagen (PF01391, IPR008160): Collagen triple helix repeat (20 copies)
TFIIA (PF03153, IPR004855): Transcription factor IIA, alpha/beta subunit
UBA (PF00627, IPR000449, SM00165): UBA/TS-N domain
XPC-binding (PF09280, IPR015360): XPC-binding domain
ubiquitin (PF00240, IPR000626, SM00213): Ubiquitin family
SUZ (PF12752, IPR024771): SUZ domain
Fur_reg_FbpB (PF13040, IPR025004): Fur-regulated basic protein B
43 USP27Xinteractor100UCH (PF00443, IPR001394): Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase
ISG65-75 (PF11727, IPR021057): Invariant surface glycoprotein
44 VDAC1interactor60.8670.800Porin_3 (PF01459, IPR027246): Eukaryotic porin
45 VHLsuppressor80.5248.667Trypan_PARP (PF05887, IPR008882): Procyclic acidic repetitive protein (PARP)
VHL (PF01847, IPR022772): von Hippel-Lindau disease tumour suppressor protein
VHL_C (PF17211): VHL box domain
46 YWHABinteractor60.6003.23314-3-3 (PF00244, IPR023410, SM00101): 14-3-3 protein
Virulence_fact (PF13769, IPR025989): Virulence factor

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