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Powered by Cytoscape Web for: EU236947 is the fusion of parental proteins SLC34A2, ROS1 (from a repository: Mon Nov 14 19:50:29 2016)

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Statistics and Network structure information

Statistic of PPI Value(s)
The number of interactors (fusion and proteins)6
The number (and %) of the onco-proteins3 (50.00 %)
The number (and %) of the tumor suppressors2 (33.33 %)
Total number of binary PPIs (saturation %)11 (73.33 %)
The number (and %) of affected PPIs5 (45.45 %)
The number of possible different fusions3
PPI diameter2
PPI radius1
The average degree of PPI2.667
Assortativity coefficient0.1240
The network average Clustering coefficient0.633
The number (and %) of a zero Clustering coefficients1 (16.67 %)
The number (and %) of a zero Betweenness Centrality4 (66.67 %)


List of the fusions

PPI for parental proteins: ROS1,SLC34A2 All fusions
: EU236947;
Proteins found in more fusions GRB2 (see 1 fusions); PTPN11 (see 1 fusions);

List of active interactors

# Name Type Number of PPI (degree) Clustering
Domains (Pfam, InterPro, SMART): description
1 EU236947chimera50.30011.000Pkinase_Tyr (PF07714, IPR001245): Protein tyrosine kinase
2 GRB2oncoprotein50.5003.000SH2 (PF00017, IPR000980, SM00252): SH2 domain
SH3_1 (PF00018, IPR001452, SM00326): SH3 domain
DUF5093 (PF17011, IPR031533): Domain of unknown function (DUF5093)
3 IKBKGinteractor200CENP-H (PF05837, IPR008426): Centromere protein H (CENP-H)
DUF725 (PF05267, IPR007931): Protein of unknown function (DUF725)
NEMO (PF11577, IPR021063): NF-kappa-B essential modulator NEMO
LLC1 (PF14945, IPR020339): Normal lung function maintenance, Low in Lung Cancer 1 protein
CC2-LZ (PF16516, IPR032419): Leucine zipper of domain CC2 of NEMO, NF-kappa-B essential modulator
4 PTPN11suppressor31.0000SH2 (PF00017, IPR000980, SM00252): SH2 domain
Y_phosphatase (PF00102, IPR000242, SM00194): Protein-tyrosine phosphatase
5 PTPN6suppressor21.0000SH2 (PF00017, IPR000980, SM00252): SH2 domain
Y_phosphatase (PF00102, IPR000242, SM00194): Protein-tyrosine phosphatase
PolyA_pol_arg_C (PF12626, IPR025866): Polymerase A arginine-rich C-terminus
6 VAV3oncoprotein21.0000PH (PF00169, IPR001849, SM00233): PH domain
RhoGEF (PF00621, IPR000219, SM00325): RhoGEF domain
SH2 (PF00017, IPR000980, SM00252): SH2 domain
SH3_2 (PF07653, IPR011511): Variant SH3 domain
DUF2326 (PF10088, IPR018760): Uncharacterised protein conserved in bacteria (DUF2326)
C1_1 (PF00130, IPR002219, SM00109): Phorbol esters/diacylglycerol binding domain (C1 domain)
CAMSAP_CH (PF11971, IPR022613): CAMSAP CH domain
PH_10 (PF15411): Pleckstrin homology domain

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List of missing interactors

# Name Type Domains (Pfam, InterPro, SMART): description Fusion(s)
1 NUDCD1interactorCS (PF04969, IPR007052): CS domain
2 ROS1parental proteinfn3 (PF00041, IPR003961, SM00060): Fibronectin type III domain
Pkinase_Tyr (PF07714, IPR001245): Protein tyrosine kinase
DUF2369 (PF10179, IPR019326): Uncharacterised conserved protein (DUF2369)
3 SLC34A2parental proteinTMEM43 (PF07787, IPR012430): Transmembrane protein 43
Na_Pi_cotrans (PF02690, IPR003841): Na+/Pi-cotransporter
SKG6 (PF08693, IPR014805): Transmembrane alpha-helix domain
DUF2207 (PF09972, IPR018702): Predicted membrane protein (DUF2207)

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