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Statistics and Network structure information

Statistic of PPI Value(s)
The number of interactors (fusion and proteins)23
The number (and %) of the onco-proteins6 (26.09 %)
The number (and %) of the tumor suppressors3 (13.04 %)
Total number of binary PPIs (saturation %)41 (16.21 %)
The number (and %) of affected PPIs22 (53.66 %)
The number of possible different fusions3
PPI diameter2
PPI radius1
The average degree of PPI3.043
Assortativity coefficient-0.5888
The network average Clustering coefficient0.490
The number (and %) of a zero Clustering coefficients9 (39.13 %)
The number (and %) of a zero Betweenness Centrality18 (78.26 %)


List of the fusions

PPI for parental proteins: ATP6V0A4,CTSA All fusions
: BF823719;
Proteins found in more fusions PFKM (see 1 fusions); BAG3 (see 4 fusions);

List of active interactors

# Name Type Number of PPI (degree) Clustering
Domains (Pfam, InterPro, SMART): description
1 BF823719chimera220.056416.667Peptidase_S10 (PF00450, IPR001563): Serine carboxypeptidase
V_ATPase_I (PF01496, IPR002490): V-type ATPase 116kDa subunit family
2 ABCE1interactor41.0000ABC_tran (PF00005, IPR003439): ABC transporter
Fer4 (PF00037, IPR001450): 4Fe-4S binding domain
RLI (PF04068, IPR007209): Possible Fer4-like domain in RNase L inhibitor, RLI
SMC_N (PF02463, IPR003395): RecF/RecN/SMC N terminal domain
Fer4_7 (PF12838, IPR001450): 4Fe-4S dicluster domain
AAA_29 (PF13555): P-loop containing region of AAA domain
3 ABHD14Ainteractor21.0000Abhydrolase_1 (PF00561, IPR000073): alpha/beta hydrolase fold
Abhydrolase_6 (PF12697, IPR000073): Alpha/beta hydrolase family
4 ASS1suppressor50.5003.000Arginosuc_synth (PF00764, IPR001518): Arginosuccinate synthase
5 BAG3oncoprotein200BAG (PF02179, IPR003103, SM00264): BAG domain
WW (PF00397, IPR001202, SM00456): WW domain
6 BZW2interactor21.0000W2 (PF02020, IPR003307, SM00515): eIF4-gamma/eIF5/eIF2-epsilon
7 CASP7interactor31.0000Peptidase_C14 (PF00656, IPR011600): Caspase domain
PRIMA1 (PF16101): Proline-rich membrane anchor 1
8 CDK2suppressor200Kdo (PF06293, IPR010440): Lipopolysaccharide kinase (Kdo/WaaP) family
Pkinase (PF00069, IPR000719): Protein kinase domain
9 CTNNBIP1suppressor100ICAT (PF06384, IPR009428): Beta-catenin-interacting protein ICAT
10 CTSDinteractor21.0000A1_Propeptide (PF07966, IPR012848): A1 Propeptide
Asp (PF00026, IPR001461): Eukaryotic aspartyl protease
11 DNAJB2interactor100DnaJ (PF00226, IPR001623, SM00271): DnaJ domain
UIM (PF02809, IPR003903, SM00726): Ubiquitin interaction motif
12 FBXO6interactor70.38112.667FBA (PF04300, IPR007397): F-box associated region
F-box-like (PF12937, IPR001810): F-box-like
13 FTOinteractor21.0000FTO_NTD (PF12933, IPR024367): FTO catalytic domain
FTO_CTD (PF12934, IPR024366): FTO C-terminal domain
14 MEPCEinteractor100Bin3 (PF06859, IPR010675): Bicoid-interacting protein 3 (Bin3)
Methyltransf_23 (PF13489): Methyltransferase domain
FoP_duplication (PF13865, IPR025715): C-terminal duplication domain of Friend of PRMT1
DLEU7 (PF15760, IPR031510): Leukemia-associated protein 7
15 NAXEinteractor100YjeF_N (PF03853, IPR004443): YjeF-related protein N-terminus
16 NECTIN4oncoprotein100C2-set_2 (PF08205, IPR013162): CD80-like C2-set immunoglobulin domain
DUF1191 (PF06697, IPR010605): Protein of unknown function (DUF1191)
V-set (PF07686, IPR013106): Immunoglobulin V-set domain
Ig_3 (PF13927): Immunoglobulin domain
17 NEU1interactor31.0000BNR_2 (PF13088, IPR011040): BNR repeat-like domain
18 PEPDinteractor40.5003.000AMP_N (PF05195, IPR007865, SM01011): Aminopeptidase P, N-terminal domain
Peptidase_M24 (PF00557, IPR001714): Metallopeptidase family M24
DUF3793 (PF12672, IPR024523): Protein of unknown function (DUF3793)
19 PFKMprotein found in more fusions31.0000PFK (PF00365, IPR000023): Phosphofructokinase
20 PLAURoncoprotein100Toxin_1 (PF00087, IPR003571): Snake toxin
UPAR_LY6 (PF00021, IPR001526): u-PAR/Ly-6 domain
21 RAB2Aoncoprotein21.0000Ras (PF00071, IPR001806, SM00173): Ras family
22 TRNT1interactor100PolyA_pol (PF01743, IPR002646): Poly A polymerase head domain
PolyA_pol_RNAbd (PF12627, IPR032828): Probable RNA and SrmB- binding site of polymerase A
23 VAPAinteractor40.8330.667DUF972 (PF06156, IPR010377): Protein of unknown function (DUF972)
UL45 (PF05473, IPR008646): UL45 protein, carbohydrate-binding C-type lectin-like
Motile_Sperm (PF00635, IPR000535): MSP (Major sperm protein) domain

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List of missing interactors

# Name Type Domains (Pfam, InterPro, SMART): description Fusion(s)
1 ATP6V0A4parental proteinV_ATPase_I (PF01496, IPR002490): V-type ATPase 116kDa subunit family
2 CTSAparental proteinPeptidase_S10 (PF00450, IPR001563): Serine carboxypeptidase
3 GINS2interactorSld5 (PF05916, IPR021151): GINS complex protein
4 MVDinteractorGHMP_kinases_N (PF00288, IPR006204): GHMP kinases N terminal domain
5 NAMPTinteractorNAPRTase (PF04095, IPR007229): Nicotinate phosphoribosyltransferase (NAPRTase) family
6 OATinteractorAminotran_3 (PF00202, IPR005814): Aminotransferase class-III
7 SUMO2interactorRad60-SLD (PF11976, IPR022617): Ubiquitin-2 like Rad60 SUMO-like
8 TIMM9interactorzf-Tim10_DDP (PF02953, IPR004217): Tim10/DDP family zinc finger

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