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Statistics and Network structure information

Statistic of PPI Value(s)
The number of interactors (fusion and proteins)7
The number (and %) of the onco-proteins2 (28.57 %)
The number (and %) of the tumor suppressors1 (14.29 %)
Total number of binary PPIs (saturation %)10 (47.62 %)
The number (and %) of affected PPIs6 (60.00 %)
The number of possible different fusions2
PPI diameter2
PPI radius1
The average degree of PPI2.000
Assortativity coefficient-0.4714
The network average Clustering coefficient0.295
The number (and %) of a zero Clustering coefficients4 (57.14 %)
The number (and %) of a zero Betweenness Centrality6 (85.71 %)


List of the fusions

PPI for parental proteins: TAOK1,IDS All fusions
: AW138862;
Proteins found in more fusions CUL1 (see 3 fusions);

List of active interactors

# Name Type Number of PPI (degree) Clustering
Domains (Pfam, InterPro, SMART): description
1 AW138862chimera60.06728.000Pkinase (PF00069, IPR000719): Protein kinase domain
FA_FANCE (PF11510, IPR021025): Fanconi Anaemia group E protein FANCE
2 AP3M1interactor100Adap_comp_sub (PF00928, IPR008968): Adaptor complexes medium subunit family
Clat_adaptor_s (PF01217, IPR022775): Clathrin adaptor complex small chain
3 CUL1suppressor31.0000Cullin (PF00888, IPR001373, SM00182): Cullin family
Cullin_Nedd8 (PF10557, IPR019559, SM00884): Cullin protein neddylation domain
4 FKBP14interactor100FKBP_C (PF00254, IPR001179): FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
EF-hand_7 (PF13499, IPR011992): EF-hand domain pair
5 HSPA5oncoprotein31.0000HSP70 (PF00012, IPR013126): Hsp70 protein
6 KLHL15interactor200BACK (PF07707, IPR011705, SM00875): BTB And C-terminal Kelch
BTB (PF00651, IPR013069, SM00225): BTB/POZ domain
Kelch_1 (PF01344, IPR006652, SM00612): Kelch motif
Kelch_3 (PF13415): Galactose oxidase, central domain
Kelch_6 (PF13964): Kelch motif
7 TUBB8interactor100Tubulin (PF00091, IPR003008, SM00864): Tubulin/FtsZ family, GTPase domain
Tubulin_C (PF03953, IPR018316, SM00865): Tubulin C-terminal domain

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List of missing interactors

# Name Type Domains (Pfam, InterPro, SMART): description Fusion(s)
1 ADAMTS2interactorADAM_spacer1 (PF05986, IPR010294): ADAM-TS Spacer 1
Pep_M12B_propep (PF01562, IPR002870): Reprolysin family propeptide
PLAC (PF08686, IPR010909, SM00022): PLAC (protease and lacunin) domain
Reprolysin (PF01421, IPR001590): Reprolysin (M12B) family zinc metalloprotease
TSP_1 (PF00090, IPR000884, SM00209): Thrombospondin type 1 domain
2 B3GALNT2interactorZapB (PF06005, IPR009252): Cell division protein ZapB
Galactosyl_T (PF01762, IPR002659): Galactosyltransferase
3 B3GLCTinteractorFringe (PF02434, IPR003378): Fringe-like
4 C8orf33interactorDUF4615 (PF15393, IPR029274): Domain of unknown function (DUF4615)
5 CBWD3interactorcobW (PF02492, IPR003495): CobW/HypB/UreG, nucleotide-binding domain
CobW_C (PF07683, IPR011629, SM00833): Cobalamin synthesis protein cobW C-terminal domain
6 CERCAMinteractorGlyco_transf_25 (PF01755, IPR002654): Glycosyltransferase family 25 (LPS biosynthesis protein)
Glyco_tranf_2_4 (PF13704): Glycosyl transferase family 2
7 COCHinteractorLCCL (PF03815, IPR004043, SM00603): LCCL domain
Rxt3 (PF08642, IPR013951): Histone deacetylation protein Rxt3
VWA (PF00092, IPR002035, SM00327): von Willebrand factor type A domain
8 CSNK1EinteractorAPH (PF01636, IPR002575): Phosphotransferase enzyme family
Pkinase (PF00069, IPR000719): Protein kinase domain
9 DHFR2interactorDHFR_1 (PF00186, IPR001796): Dihydrofolate reductase
10 DYNC1I1interactorCDC45 (PF02724, IPR003874): CDC45-like protein
WD40 (PF00400, IPR001680, SM00320): WD domain, G-beta repeat
Dynein_IC2 (PF11540, IPR025956): Cytoplasmic dynein 1 intermediate chain 2
AviRa (PF11599, IPR024268): RRNA methyltransferase AviRa
ANAPC4_WD40 (PF12894, IPR024977): Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 4 WD40 domain
PTPRCAP (PF15713, IPR016553): Protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor type C-associated
11 ENTPD5interactorGDA1_CD39 (PF01150, IPR000407): GDA1/CD39 (nucleoside phosphatase) family
12 ERGIC2interactorCOPIIcoated_ERV (PF07970, IPR012936): Endoplasmic reticulum vesicle transporter
ERGIC_N (PF13850): Endoplasmic Reticulum-Golgi Intermediate Compartment (ERGIC)
13 EXT2suppressorExostosin (PF03016, IPR004263): Exostosin family
Glyco_transf_64 (PF09258, IPR015338): Glycosyl transferase family 64 domain
14 FBXO21interactorYccV-like (PF08755, IPR011722, SM00992): Hemimethylated DNA-binding protein YccV like
F-box-like (PF12937, IPR001810): F-box-like
Transglut_core2 (PF13369, IPR032698): Transglutaminase-like superfamily
15 FBXO3interactorDUF525 (PF04379, IPR007474): ApaG domain
Elongin_A (PF06881, IPR010684): RNA polymerase II transcription factor SIII (Elongin) subunit A
SMI1_KNR4 (PF09346, IPR018958, SM00860): SMI1 / KNR4 family (SUKH-1)
F-box-like (PF12937, IPR001810): F-box-like
PTPRCAP (PF15713, IPR016553): Protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor type C-associated
16 GALNSoncoproteinSulfatase (PF00884, IPR000917): Sulfatase
Sulfatase_C (PF14707): C-terminal region of aryl-sulfatase
17 GALNT18interactorGlyco_transf_7C (PF02709, IPR027791): N-terminal domain of galactosyltransferase
Glycos_transf_2 (PF00535, IPR001173): Glycosyl transferase family 2
Ricin_B_lectin (PF00652, IPR000772, SM00458): Ricin-type beta-trefoil lectin domain
18 GEMIN7interactorGemin7 (PF11095, IPR020338): Gem-associated protein 7 (Gemin7)
SUZ-C (PF12901, IPR024642): SUZ-C motif
19 GUSBinteractorGlyco_hydro_2 (PF00703, IPR006102): Glycosyl hydrolases family 2
Glyco_hydro_2_C (PF02836, IPR006103): Glycosyl hydrolases family 2, TIM barrel domain
Glyco_hydro_2_N (PF02837, IPR006104): Glycosyl hydrolases family 2, sugar binding domain
20 IDSparental proteinSulfatase (PF00884, IPR000917): Sulfatase
21 LOXL2oncoproteinExonuc_X-T_C (PF08411, IPR013620): Exonuclease C-terminal
Lysyl_oxidase (PF01186, IPR001695): Lysyl oxidase
SRCR (PF00530, IPR001190): Scavenger receptor cysteine-rich domain
22 MANEALinteractorCAP_N (PF01213, IPR013992): Adenylate cyclase associated (CAP) N terminal
Glyco_hydro_99 (PF16317, IPR026071): Glycosyl hydrolase family 99
23 MAP3K7oncoproteinMnd1 (PF03962, IPR005647): Mnd1 family
Pkinase_Tyr (PF07714, IPR001245): Protein tyrosine kinase
24 MESDC2interactorMesd (PF10185, IPR019330): Chaperone for wingless signalling and trafficking of LDL receptor
25 NDST1interactorSulfotransfer_1 (PF00685, IPR000863): Sulfotransferase domain
HSNSD (PF12062, IPR021930): heparan sulfate-N-deacetylase
26 NDST2interactorSulfotransfer_1 (PF00685, IPR000863): Sulfotransferase domain
HSNSD (PF12062, IPR021930): heparan sulfate-N-deacetylase
27 NTRK1oncoproteinI-set (PF07679, IPR013098): Immunoglobulin I-set domain
Pkinase_Tyr (PF07714, IPR001245): Protein tyrosine kinase
LRR_8 (PF13855, IPR001611): Leucine rich repeat
TPKR_C2 (PF16920, IPR031635): Tyrosine-protein kinase receptor C2 Ig-like domain
28 P3H3interactor2OG-FeII_Oxy_3 (PF13640, IPR005123): 2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase superfamily
29 P3H4interactorTPR_9 (PF13371, IPR011990): Tetratricopeptide repeat
TPR_16 (PF13432): Tetratricopeptide repeat
TPR_18 (PF13512): Tetratricopeptide repeat
30 PAMoncoproteinCu2_monoox_C (PF03712, IPR024548): Copper type II ascorbate-dependent monooxygenase, C-terminal domain
Cu2_monooxygen (PF01082, IPR000323): Copper type II ascorbate-dependent monooxygenase, N-terminal domain
Motilin_ghrelin (PF04644, IPR006738): Motilin/ghrelin
NHL (PF01436, IPR001258): NHL repeat
SGL (PF08450, IPR013658): SMP-30/Gluconolaconase/LRE-like region
LRRC37AB_C (PF14914, IPR029423): LRRC37A/B like protein 1 C-terminal domain
31 PDFinteractorPep_deformylase (PF01327, IPR023635): Polypeptide deformylase
32 PDIA5interactorThioredoxin (PF00085, IPR013766): Thioredoxin
Thioredoxin_6 (PF13848): Thioredoxin-like domain
33 POMGNT2interactorDUF563 (PF04577, IPR007657): Protein of unknown function (DUF563)
34 PPT2interactorAbhydrolase_1 (PF00561, IPR000073): alpha/beta hydrolase fold
Palm_thioest (PF02089, IPR002472): Palmitoyl protein thioesterase
35 SNW1interactorSKIP_SNW (PF02731, IPR004015): SKIP/SNW domain
PRP38_assoc (PF12871, IPR024767): Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 38-associated hydrophilic C-term
SIR4_SID (PF16991, IPR031556): Sir4 SID domain
36 SRBD1interactorS1 (PF00575, IPR003029, SM00316): S1 RNA binding domain
Tex_N (PF09371, IPR018974): Tex-like protein N-terminal domain
HHH_3 (PF12836): Helix-hairpin-helix motif
DLD (PF14878, IPR027999): Death-like domain of SPT6
Tex_YqgF (PF16921, IPR032639): Tex protein YqgF-like domain
37 ST3GAL4interactorGlyco_transf_29 (PF00777, IPR001675): Glycosyltransferase family 29 (sialyltransferase)
38 STK25interactorDUF1241 (PF06840, IPR009652): Protein of unknown function (DUF1241)
Pkinase (PF00069, IPR000719): Protein kinase domain
39 STK26interactorDUF1241 (PF06840, IPR009652): Protein of unknown function (DUF1241)
Pkinase (PF00069, IPR000719): Protein kinase domain
40 STK4oncoproteinPkinase (PF00069, IPR000719): Protein kinase domain
Mst1_SARAH (PF11629, IPR024205): C terminal SARAH domain of Mst1
DUF4611 (PF15387, IPR027893): Domain of unknown function (DUF4611)
41 SUMF1interactorFGE-sulfatase (PF03781, IPR005532): Sulfatase-modifying factor enzyme 1
DNA_ligase_IV (PF11411, IPR021536): DNA ligase IV
42 TAOK1parental proteinPilus_CpaD (PF09476, IPR019027): Pilus biogenesis CpaD protein (pilus_cpaD)
Pkinase (PF00069, IPR000719): Protein kinase domain
PKK (PF12474, IPR022165): Polo kinase kinase
TcdB_N (PF12918, IPR024772): TcdB toxin N-terminal helical domain
43 TAZinteractorAcyltransferase (PF01553, IPR002123, SM00563): Acyltransferase
44 TCTN1interactorDUF1619 (PF07773, IPR011677): Protein of unknown function (DUF1619)
45 TMPPEinteractorMetallophos (PF00149, IPR004843): Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase
UPF0182 (PF03699, IPR005372): Uncharacterised protein family (UPF0182)
46 WDR47interactorWD40 (PF00400, IPR001680, SM00320): WD domain, G-beta repeat
DUF3752 (PF12572, IPR022226): Protein of unknown function (DUF3752)
ANAPC4_WD40 (PF12894, IPR024977): Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 4 WD40 domain
DUF4798 (PF16055, IPR032056): Domain of unknown function (DUF4798)
47 WT1suppressorWT1 (PF02165, IPR000976): Wilm's tumour protein
zf-C2H2 (PF00096, IPR007087, SM00355): Zinc finger, C2H2 type
CCAP (PF11105, IPR024276): Arthropod cardioacceleratory peptide 2a
zf-H2C2_2 (PF13465, IPR007087): Zinc-finger double domain
FOXP-CC (PF16159, IPR032354): FOXP coiled-coil domain
48 XYLT2interactorBranch (PF02485, IPR003406): Core-2/I-Branching enzyme
Xylo_C (PF12529, IPR024448): Xylosyltransferase C terminal

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